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About This Website

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When I started making speciality coffee, I was overwhelmed at the recipes available. I wanted a recipe that would "just work" from which I could start exploring. I started with Stumptown's delightful YouTube videos, then found my way to James Hoffmann. I found recipes that worked for me: the dependable ones to which I could go day in and day out.

This website is dedicated to sharing coffee recipes in a simple format, easy for you to refer to while you are making a coffee. Where jargon is used ("what is a bloom?!"), we link to our Glossary.

The recipes here have been used as daily drivers, or come highly recommended by, the authors. We provide ways to filter recipes by volume, brewing device, and grinder.

Grinder and brewer listings are written by James, the owner of this website. Companies cannot pay to be listed or to have their listing changed in any way.

We hope you enjoy the website!

This website is made with love, and of course coffee, by James' Coffee Blog


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