How to Brew Coffee with a Orea


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James' Coffee Blog

Takes to prepare, serves 1 person.


  1. Measure out 15g of coffee. Grind to a medium-fine consistency (22 on a Comandante, or around 40 on a Comandante with Red Clix has worked out well for me). Boil water.
  2. Put filter paper in Orea brewer. Put the ground coffee into the filter paper.
  3. Shake the Orea until the ground coffee is evenly distributed across the brewer.
  4. Start a timer. Pour 250g of water slowly into the coffee. Pour in circles, starting from the centre of the brewer and moving out, then moving back to the centre.
  5. By 1:15, you should have poured in all of your water.
  6. Swirl the brewer lightly a few times.
  7. Wait for the remaining coffee to drip through.
  8. Enjoy your cup of coffee!

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