How to Brew Coffee with a Iced Latte


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James' Coffee Blog

Takes to prepare, serves 1 person.


  1. Place 100 grams of ice in a carafe.
  2. Prepare 200 grams of coffee over the ice in your carafe. Use 15 grams of coffee grounds to prepare your coffee. Pour-over devices work well for brewing coffee for an iced latte but an Aeropress may work too.
  3. Pour some milk into a French press and push up and down until you create the amount of foam you want to pour onto your iced latte.
  4. Prepare a glass and put some ice in the glass. Pour your coffee in the glass.
  5. Pour your milk in the glass. Use a spoon to scoop any remaining foam from your French press onto the top of your iced latte.
  6. Enjoy the iced latte you have just made.

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